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Smile! New Nano Captures Video

September 11, 2009

At an event hosted by Apple® this past Wednesday, Steve Jobs made his first public appearance since having taken a medical leave of absence last fall. However, even with the return of Jobs and the new updates on several Apple products, it was the iPod® Nano 5G that stole the show.

The best seller of all the iPod products, the new Nano features a video camera included with a small microphone. Even with the video capability, the Nano 5G still doesn’t do still photography. Jobs’ explanation included the fact that the chip required for still photos was too thick to include into the slim design that the new Nano has to offer. Still, a music player that can record video and has a one-click upload feature to post things on YouTube, most people will be able to overlook the lack of still shots.

nanoAlso included is a pedometer and an FM Tuner. This radio player has a built-in 15 minute buffer that allows listeners to pause and rewind live radio. It doesn’t save anything but gives users the option to re-listen to something they might have missed. The new FM feature also allows you to tag songs you hear on the radio so you can remember them and/or remind you to go back to iTunes and buy them.

This new product should have an almost immediate impact on rewards programs. Steve Jobs’ new upgrades have provided a much more enticing “carrot on a stick” for companies involved in employee engagement and points-based recognition. Within the next week our own rewards selections will include Apple’s new toys. How can this help improve productivity in your workplace?

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