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Going Back In Time

March 8, 2010


Who would have thought that Ben Arkes’s stint as a camera salesman over forty years ago would evolve into the $100 million dollar company that is Hinda Incentives? Let’s take a look at a brief timeline of events from where we started to where we are today.

–          April 1970: Brothers Ben and Nate Arkes establish Hinda Distributors, a consumer electronics distributorship based in Chicago. They name the company in honor of their late mother, Hinda Arkes.

–          June 1970: Michael Arkes, son of Ben, joins Hinda to help with sales. Hinda’s offices were at 639 S. Dearborn in Chicago – the Printers Row area of the city.

–          1973: Hinda buys an IBM computer to process orders, invoices and manage inventory. No IT department, so a consultant is hired to assist.

–          1987: Hinda introduces our first printed awards catalog, Phase Value, printed in black & white. This plateau catalog allowed clients to offer award choices at pre-priced levels.

–          January 1988: Hinda moves to our current 75,000 square foot facility at 2440 West 34th Street in Chicago.  All employees participated in the move including re-stocking the warehouse shelves. Only about 25% of the existing warehouse space was utilized at the time of the move.

–          1990: Speidel-Textron is Hinda’s first ‘full-service’ client with points being tracked on a PC-based software for 10,000 participants. Paper point statements mailed on a quarterly basis.

–          1991: Company named is changed to “Hinda, Inc.” to reflect the current business focus, utilizing “Hinda Incentives” as our recognized business name.

–          April 1997: Hinda launches our first on-line program for a client.

–          2000: Hinda establishes relationships with companies in Canada and Europe, beginning to offer award fulfillment outside of the United States

–          2001: Hinda operates our first Warehouse Dash program.

–          February 2004: The “Undisputed Leader” initiative is launched, emphasizing our focus on quality improvement

–          March 2009: Hinda celebrates 40 years in the industry.

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